Last Call: Cheers to the Indiana grocery store lovebirds

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Whenever a romcom features a grocery store meet-cute, it’s usually a pair of shoppers maneuvering carts around each other in the aisles, or one slipping on a banana peel in the produce section and falling into the other’s arms. But in real life, the sparks are more likely to fly between the employees themselves. Just ask Becky and Ed Osowski, who met as fellow employees of Martin’s Super Markets in Mishawaka, Indiana in 1970 and have been together—and working at Martin’s—ever since.


Becky started out at Martin’s as a cashier at age 16, met Ed, married him by 1975, and continued in her position for a grand total of 50 years. “I thought about going somewhere else but talked to other people and they weren’t real happy at different jobs and it’s like ah, they made it worth my while to stay,” she told WDNU, a local NBC affiliate covering the story of the couple’s remarkable run. Ed Osowski has held several positions within the company and now works as director of produce at Martin’s headquarters, a job that includes lots of travel to far-flung places like Honduras and Spain to purchase fruit. The couple has three children and five grandchildren, and some of them have worked for Martin’s, too.

The couple is set to retire this month after a combined 100-plus years of serving the people of Mishawaka. “It’s been a great experience, it’s been a big family experience, lots of friends, lots of customers that have become friends and family,” Becky told WDNU. Has anyone ever been to this grocery store before? We’d love to know if it’s every bit as warm and fuzzy as this endearing (and enduring!) couple makes it out to be.

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.



I’ve gone to many a Martin’s in Mishawaka. They’re nice stores. Slightly classier than Meijer, not as expensive as Whole Foods.