In honor of National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, we figure out whose vanilla is best

This Sunday, July 23, is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day and, in the spirit of National Fried Chicken Day, we want to figure out which mass market vanilla ice cream is the best. To do this, we gathered the usual gang of Onion, Inc. employees, bought as many different vanilla ice creams as we could carry, and let them decide.



Worth noting that Breyer's isn't technically "ice cream", but "frozen dairy dessert." The FDA puts a limit on how much air can be injected into the product (common method of increasing the 'creaminess' of packed ice cream, but also of arbitrarily increasing the volume of the product to cut costs) while still labeling it as ice cream. Breyer's exceeds that amount. They didn't used to, but changed a couple years ago, to increase profit.