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Really, it could have happened to anyone. Seventeen years ago, Nick Burchill of Darmouth, Nova Scotia, spread a considerable amount of pepperoni near the window of his room at The Fairmont Empress hotel in Victoria. (The room didn’t have a refrigerator, and he thought the fresh air would be good for the sausage.)

He then left the room for a few hours and returned to find dozens of seagulls had descended upon the pepperoni and were terrorizing his room. This honest mistake—plus some ensuing shoe-throwing—earned him a 17-year-ban from The Fairmont Empress.

But no more. The CBC reports the Burchill ban has been lifted and he’s finally been welcomed back by the hotel.

“I just apologized. I was forgiven. I left them a present of about a pound of Brothers TNT Pepperoni as a peace offering,” he tells the CBC.


There’s so much detail in the full CBC story that you owe it to yourself to read about the shoe-throwing, the clean-up effort, Burchill’s seagull-removal strategies, and more. Seriously, go read it right now.