Welcome to the premiere of The Scrambled Eggs Show!

One of the great pleasures in life, we believe, is a hot plate of perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs for breakfast. Here at The Takeout, one of our core missions is to make your life easier, better, and more enjoyable. And so we shall—with scrambled eggs.

Welcome to The Scrambled Eggs Show!, a five-episode series in which we invite some of our favorite chefs for their techniques, tricks, and finesse points to master and perfect scrambled eggs. We truly feel you’ll learn a hot tip or three. Up first: chef of Chicago’s acclaimed Pacific Standard Time, Erling Wu-Bower.


Kevin Pang was the founding editor of The Takeout, and director of the documentary For Grace.

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Wow. I’m not sure how that could possibly have been weirder or worse, without him actually burning the eggs.

First off, every chef in the known universe agrees at this point that you don’t salt eggs before scrambling them. You season them as they are finishing, because it throws off the moisture balance (or something) if the salt is there from the beginning, resulting in tougher eggs. The fact that the video even mentions “tough eggs” as something to avoid, and then has him dumping about 2 recommended daily allowances of salt into them both at the beginning AND at the end... blows my mind. The sheer amount of salt he added to what is 1 or 2 servings of food is truly ludicrous.

Second, who the hell cooks with olive oil AND butter at the same time? Olive oil is what you use when you want added flavor but have to cook at fairly high temps - too high for butter, anyway. If you can cook something below butter’s smoke point and want to use it anyway for flavor, just use the damned butter. Who likes olive oil flavor on their eggs, anyway? To the point of adding more as a topping?  What bizarro world is this?  I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even do that in Italy, and I think they put that stuff on their ice cream at times...

Third, you can tell this is either amateurish or REALLY cut to hell in the editing suite, because he mentions entire ingredients that he never uses (the cheese), and uses ingredients he doesn’t mention (what I’m going to assume are chopped chives or parsely at the end - I can’t tell, because he didn’t say which, but just dropped ‘em in there instead).

Yikes. You can get chefs to argue over whether to use a pot or a pan, how to stir or fold, whether you want runny or fluffy or hard, dense curds, the creme fraiche, how much butter to use, additives like meat or vegetables or cheese, what kind of bread to serve with it, salsa, ketchup, you name it. But they pretty much all agree on butter, not olive oil, and seasoning at the end. This might actually be the worst video I’ve seen on a Kinja site so far.