Make Overnight Oats, the perfect playtime fuel

Welcome back for another installment of Tot Chef, The Takeout’s fine dining program led by our esteemed in-house culinary expert. Today, Chef would like to share the biggest crowd-pleaser on her menu, one that you don’t even need a full set of teeth to enjoy: Overnight Oats. It’s a breakfast that perfectly suits the lazy home cook, since you spend most of its prep time asleep.

This version calls for berries, date syrup, and cinnamon, but there are a number of variations you can try to change up the flavor and texture, such as topping the finished product with a handful of toasted pecans or sneaking some cardamom and extra vanilla into the mixture. Oat milk, meanwhile, lends creaminess to the final product while keeping the flavors oat-forward. If you have any picky eaters in your house—or anyone who tends to be extra cranky in the morning—this is the meal for you.


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Oooh, cinnamon sounds like a great addition. I wonder if apples would be able to maintain consistency overnight?

My go-to recipe calls for chia seeds, vanilla almond milk, dried blueberries, and sliced almonds.