Sneaky students on TikTok share how they get unlimited Domino’s pizza

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When you’re a broke student, you know how to look for a solid deal on food. This becomes a skill that stays with you for the rest of your life, as you toil your way out from under a mountain of crushing student loan debt. Some wise students in Spain managed to exercise their deal-seeking skills to figure out how to get boatloads of Domino’s pizza for free, by taking advantage of a promotion, The Daily Dot reports.


Of course, the students shared their tip on—you guessed it—TikTok.

TikTok user @gurpreet_gillx, who lives in Spain where Domino’s is dine-in, explains that her local Domino’s has “a deal where you get a free pizza everytime you finish a pizza.” Man, that’s just a setup for shenanigans. So she and her friends showed up for a meal with tupperware in tow, with they stashed under their table in the dining room. After squirrelling a pizza away, they simply ordered another one, which was replenished with no questions asked. “We paid €7.50 each and got 4 pizzas and refill drinks so yh Spain do it right,” she explained in the comments.

Most commenters were supportive of the students seizing the opportunity to gank some free pies. One commenter, @mariatello.r, said, “If I worked at domino’s I wouldn’t even care cause at the end of the day that doesn’t affect my pocket so I would just pretend I didn’t [notice] that.” And of course, there were people who didn’t see it the same way.

“This is stealing,” said user @oxtasx. “Because it is in house consumption only. Same with an all u can eat buffet. U r not allowed to bring containers and take it with u.”

What say I? Okay. Listen. I am a person who takes as a food promotion and turns it into a sport. If it were me, I’d have dug a small tunnel under my table at Domino’s where I could create an underground pipeline dedicated to exfiltrating entire pizzas for hours. I mean, it’s Domino’s. Not only is it weathering the pandemic, it’s thriving. So consider this a challenge. But a challenge I won’t be able to take on my own, because we don’t have dine-in Domino’s over here, and because, well, pandemic.


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When I was in college, a lot of my fellow students would do similar things at the cafeteria. Some people would grab an apple or banana for a snack later, while others would end up with a backpack full of food, toilet paper, plateware, or pretty much anything not nailed down. These weren’t kids who didn’t have money, so it wasn’t a case of them actually needing it, but they just felt like they were getting one over on the dining company. But you know who really ended up paying for it? Everyone else, because those costs get distributed into everyone else’s now slightly higher priced food plan.  Anyway, if you can afford to pay for food, don’t steal it, because you’re costing everyone else money.