How’s your summer garden growing?

’Tis the season for fresh berries and vegetables from your own backyard.

Back porch of a building with four flower pots full of greenery
Photo: Aimee Levitt

This is a photo of part of my back porch garden: purple sage, jalapeño peppers, lemongrass, and chocolate mint. I planted them all during Memorial Day weekend, as I do every year, and look at how they’re growing! There are even a few little peppers!


I post this not to brag... well, okay, I am bragging a little, because I have a black thumb (inherited from my mother), and it always astonishes me when something I plant actually grows and produces edible food. On the other side of the porch, my tomato plant has five little green tomatoes, the basil and rosemary are tall and strong, and the morning glory and moonflower have extended little tendrils toward each other so that the vines are intertwined. (Is this a metaphor for life?) Mostly I’m just very excited that they all haven’t died yet.

All this luxuriant growth is, without question, the benefit of a week of rain and storms here in the Midwest. Maybe by August, when it’s hot and dry, it will have all turned to straw. But for now, I’m really loving the idea of cooking in the kitchen, running out to the porch to snip off a few leaves of basil or sage or a sprig of rosemary, and then adding these perfectly fresh herbs that I grew myself to whatever I’m making.

I know I am not alone. My social media feeds are full now of pictures of fire escape blueberries and back porch tomatoes, bowls of homegrown beans and strawberries, and a few particularly gorgeous blooms.

So, tell us, what do you have growing in your garden this summer? Please post photos of all your most gorgeous produce so we can all ooooh and ahhh and admire what you’ve done—and tell us how it tastes.


Lurch of the SoCal

I have the Curse of the Black Thumb as well.

Thankfully, my wife does not.

We have a fair sized veggie garden and a few fruit trees. We’re just starting to see the results on the veggie garden for this season - we thought the zucchini had JUST started to bear zukes, turns out we missed one a week or so back and had about ten under-two-inchers that we left and one that’s a foot and a half long that had been hiding.

The fruit trees... *sigh*. I’m engaged in a long running anti-squirrel war to get at least SOME of the fruit. Last year was a good year to be a squirrel so this year we have tons of the bastards, but not the food supply to support them. We went from “decent yield” on almond, peach, and apricot trees to “we don’t have any? What the hell?” over about two days.

We don’t like squirrels in these here parts.