Last Call: How many gourds were crushed for our pumpkin seeds?

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Screenshot: BIGS (YouTube)
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Happy Decorative Gourd Season to you and yours! As you’re carving your pumpkins, haven’t you wondered about how large companies harvest pumpkin seeds? Okay, just me then.


Well I and the people behind BIGS brand pumpkin seeds—who made the video below—are here to show you that it is quite the process, and one that I admit I never thought much about until this pumpkin season.

Look at the giant pumpkin-pulverizing wheel! The truckloads of goopy seeds! Sacks of 1,200 pounds of pumpkin seeds! I only wish I could tour that roasting facility—I bet it smells amazing. Kind of a shame that they have to crush up all those pretty pumpkins in the process, though.

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The Pope of Chili Town

1,200 pound sacks, not 12,000. Still an amazing amount of pumpkin seeds. Cool vid thanks!