How ordering an “angel shot” might help you escape a bad date

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We missed this tactic when we compiled our list of the best ways to get out of a less-than-ideal date, but fortunately The Independent has the lowdown on “the secret code word that tells bar staff you want to escape a bad date.” That code word is actually two words: “angel shot.” According to not only The Independent but also and Good Housekeeping, that bar order indicates to your server that you need help getting out of a bad situation.

The Independent points to The Iberian Rooster nightclub in St. Petersburg, Florida, which posts the “angel shot” definition in the women’s bathroom, along with different levels of intensity: neat, and the bartender will take you to your vehicle; with ice, and they’ll call you a Lyft; with lime, they’ll call the police.


The “angel shot” is also reportedly a known signal at bars as far-flung as Arizona, South Africa, and the U.K. While we would love to see this practice go widespread, Snopes points out that you may be in a bar that is not familiar with the “angel shot,” and so may be better off asking for some help in a more direct manner. But some more posters like the Iberian Rooster’s would certainly be welcome in today’s Tinder-reliant dating climate: Heads up, bar and nightclub owners.