Last year, PLB Sports approached the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo about partnering on a cereal. While not all cereals promote a charitable foundation, Rizzo’s work to fund juvenile cancer research made him a logical fit (Rizzo is a cancer survivor). To date, PLB said it has sold more than 150,000 boxes of Rizzos.


For the athletes, the allure is simple. Not only does the cereal help promote their personal brand, but they also get royalties from every box sold, Ballou says. At PLB, the athletes are also allowed to design the back of the box, allowing them to promote whatever cause or product they like.

At a news conference earlier this year inside a grocery store to promote the cereal, Rizzo said the cereal has been a win for everyone involved, including his foundation. “I love this. I love being a part of this, and it’s really cool to go into a [grocery store] and see yourself on a cereal box,” Rizzo said. “It never gets old.”