The horse, which clearly would’ve preferred to be just about anywhere else, made it halfway into the McDonald’s while his owner (the demonstrably less civilized animal of the pair) yelled about the horse’s desire for a double cheeseburger. The horse then relieved its bowels in the doorway before departing.


Manager Manir Mohammed, who was working when the incident took place, noted his displeasure with the whole fiasco: “Everyone was shocked... People were calling the guys ‘idiots’ and lots of people were taking pictures and videos. I was really shocked. It is the first time I have been so close to a horse and I did not know what to do, but luckily they backed out before they could bring the horse into the restaurant.”

Once again, so this is as clear as clear can be: do not bring a horse into a restaurant. Also, when you’re committing crimes, maybe don’t chortle while filming it like these two insufferable dunces. The men remain at large, and the horse remains undeserving of such trash.