Hey Dax Shepard, is a hot dog a sandwich?

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Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?Welcome to Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich? in which The Takeout asks famous and important people to answer the most important question to ever beguile the human race.

Dax Shepard is the host of Armchair Expert, the most popular new podcast of 2018. An interview show that “celebrates the messiness of being human, Armchair Expert sees Shepard comfortably converse with actors, writers, comedians, filmmakers, and others about their lives. It’s a good listen, and has become a big hit since its debut. And of all the things Dax Shepard is famous for, this one is probably the least well-known.

Like many of the people he interviews, Shepard is an actor, writer, and director. (He’s also the husband of Kristen Bell, as you may have been made aware by their many charming talk show segments, the occasional commercial, and the time Shepard brought a sloth to Bell’s birthday.) He’s probably best known for his work in films like Without A Paddle, as well as his tenure on the beloved revival of Parenthood. But he’s recently added a sizable credit to the TV section of his resumé with the debut of Bless This Mess, the new ABC comedy from New Girl’s Elizabeth Meriwether and Lake Bell of In A World, with whom Shepard stars.

It’s about the pursuit of the “simple life,” so we asked him a simple question. Well, that’s not true. We asked him a simple question because we ask loads of people this question.


The Takeout: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Dax Shepard: No. No. No.

TO: Why not?

DS: Just... simply isn’t. A piece of bread is never disconnected from itself. A hot dog is. So you can’t have strata.

TO: The key is strata?

DS: You need strata to officially be a sandwich.


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Tom McParland

I can’t believe I’m going to argue about this but it’s Easter and I’ve had some beers so what the hell. Also, Dax is a “friend of Jalopnik” sorta...so I guess I need to debate his position on this.

If a sandwich, by his operational definition, is a “strata” between the bread as I am understanding it a “gap” or separation, then what makes a hoagie (or sub depending on your region) or a cheesesteak or even a PoBoy? Because all of those have connecting rolls, not unlike hotdog and both would be considered “sandwiches.