Hero diner enjoyed meal so much he went into kitchen and tipped all 17 cooks $100

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The Takeout tips its hat to workers in the restaurant industry. They get paid like shit, work nights/weekends/holidays, and have to put up with some awful customers. So let’s bring you a happy restaurant story for once.

From the Chicago Tribune comes this story about a restaurant named Boka, which has earned itself rave reviews and a Michelin star. According to the Tribune, a customer named Mike was dining with five companions Sunday night. He was so enamored with his dinner, he first tipped $300 on his $769 dinner to the service staff. And because kitchen staff aren’t tipped employees, he walked back into the kitchen and gave each of the 17 back-of-the-house staffers a $100 bill.


Mike, you stone-cold baller. We’re impressed you brought at least 17 hondos with you. (As a Chicago resident, I can personally vouch for Boka. Of all the meals I’ve had in 2017, it was by far my favorite. You should go.)

Read more from the Tribune story here, and go hug a restaurant worker.

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