How to keep your taters later: Some helpful potato storage tips

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two potatoes leaning on each other
Photo: Louis Delos Angeles / EyeEm (Getty Images)

Potatoes, if properly stored, can last you a few weeks to a few months. Potatoes, if improperly stored, will go bad, make you put your hands on your hips, and hang your head in shame as you throw them away. I’ve discovered a few potatoes that looked like Cthulhu, and they were absolutely terrifying.

Let’s avoid tossing your spuds, my friends, and take care of your tater babies the best you can until it’s time to enjoy them. The Daily Meal has some basic pointers for you, and the first one you probably already know: don’t store your potatoes in the fridge! The ideal storage temperature is anywhere between 45 to 55°F. In case you don’t have a dirt cellar and/or scary basement, just do your best and keep them away from the sun. If your potatoes get too much sunlight, they’ll start developing a greenish tint to their skin (which explains why my potatoes were green when I used them for curry last week). You can still eat them, but they may taste a little bitter. If they’re very green, chuck them.

My parents’ kitchen came with a funny drawer specifically designed to store things like potatoes. We used to toss both potatoes and onions in that thing, but it turns out that storing potatoes with your onions will actually make your potatoes sprout faster. Onions release a natural gas that speeds up the sprouting process, so keep them separated from your potatoes.


Also, don’t wash your potatoes until you’re about to use them. The residual soil left on the potatoes helps preserve them longer. That’s pretty much it. With these basics in mind, you can keep your potatoes hanging around until you need them, because who doesn’t like a delicious, delicious potato?