Heinz releases Ketchup Caviar to class up your Valentine hot dogs

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Maybe you’re not the greatest cook, but you still want to make your Valentine a fancy burger or a snazzy dinner for the upcoming holiday. Heinz just released a way to class up that sandwich: Heinz is billing its Ketchup Caviar as a “limited edition delicacy” (150 jars) consisting of “exquisite pearls of ketchup.” It’s perfect for placing on hot dogs, because ketchup, as you know, inarguably belongs on a ketchup. No debate about it. No controversy.

Ketchup fans have to tweet a few hashtags to enter to be able to receive a jar of ketchup caviar (available via the Heinz Twitter account), which has resulted in a ton of people kissing Heinz’s ass on Twitter right now and professing their mad ketchup love. But the official rules say that the 150 winners will be picked at random, “on or about 1/29/19,” with plenty of time before V-Day. For your Valentine’s Day hot dogs.


We’re picturing a kind of explosive tapioca bead/Freshen-up Gum experience, but with ketchup. Maybe like one of those boba tapioca drinks you get in Chinatown. The fancier packaging and spherical delivery system certainly elevate this casual condiment to a more elegant level. And you obviously can’t beat the color palette for that big February 14 dinner. Good luck, ketchup fanatics. And congrats, hot dog lovers.