Hats off to this man who spent a lot of time building a complex cake-delivery machine

Screenshot: Joseph’s Machines (YouTube)
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In my free time, I like to read, walk the dog, and ride my bike. Joseph Herscher builds ridiculously complex machines to perform simple tasks, like brushing one’s teeth or licking a stamp or delivering a slice of cake. To each their own!

The creator of Joseph’s Machines call his latest creation—the cake-delivery trolly—his most complex yet. It’s a Mouse Trap-esque contraption that involves a wheel, a chandelier, a slab of butter, a baby, a laptop, peas, a glass of juice, potted plants, and more. All of it is in service of slapping a slice of what appears to be pineapple upside-down cake onto his plate.

Watch the full video above; the process takes about a minute and a half to go through all the steps. Then when you inevitable wonder aloud “How the hell did he do that?,” watch the explainer video here. A big thank you to Thrillist for bringing this gem to our attention.


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