Grocery stores will now stock mental-health DNA tests

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Glance down at your grocery shopping list: bananas, toilet paper, pasta sauce, DNA test? Munchies reports it’s now a reality at some Albertsons-owned grocery stores, which will begin offering Genomind-brand DNA tests that can provide insight on how an individual’s genetics might react to psychiatric medications. That’s certainly a leap from blood-pressure cuffs.


The tests will debut in three markets—Chicago, Boise, and Philadelphia—and will be available in stores’ pharmacy sections. Genomind tells The Takeout the tests won’t be stocked on shelves or sold directly to consumers: “Potentially appropriate patients for this genetic test will be identified by the pharmacist, who will then have a discussion with the patient about the testing.” So no, they’re not just sitting on the shelf next to toothpaste and corn chips.

With the rise of DNA tests designed to illuminate our family trees, our dietary needs, and even our dogs’ breeds, maybe genetic kits in grocery stores isn’t as much of a leap as it would once have been. Still, some experts tell Munchies that consumers should be aware the psychiatric tests are “very preliminary.” Check out the full Munchies piece for more insights, and start preparing for grocery stores to hybridize with pharmacies, toy stores, and restaurants.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


Dr. Lawyer

Why are these genetic tests so popular when they’re completely useless, don’t provide accurate information and even if they somehow did, don’t give you any info on how to improve yourself. We don’t KNOW what kind of diet or course of medication or whatever is best suited to your genome, so even if these tests did what they say, it wouldn’t be of use to anyone.

Cynical me thinks this is softening us up for healthcare to get even more expensive and inaccessible than it already is. “You don’t need to see a doctor! Just spit in this cup and eat kale and the blood in your shits will go away. Probably! So much better than the old days when a trained oncologist would see you in person and tell you if you have cancer!”