Mouse caught eating cheese in Chicago-area grocery store, lives up to stereotypes

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Screenshot: Christopher Allison (YouTube)

Part of growing up is losing your faith that everything you see on TV is true, so it’s been years since I believed that mice live on cheese, as was depicted in Tom and Jerry cartoons. But now my faith has been restored, thanks to this video that was taken in a Chicago-area grocery store.


Christopher Allison, a shopper at the Food 4 Less in the southwest suburb of Alsip, recorded this cinematic gem of a mouse nibbling away at some pre-sliced cheese in the deli counter and posted it on YouTube last Tuesday night.

True to stereotype, the mouse appears to be trying to get into a package of Swiss cheese while Allison provides running commentary.

In case you were worried about the state of health in Alsip, rest assured that the store and the entire town took immediate action. (You can see an employee in the original video.) In a Facebook post, the mayor announced that he had dispatched both the town health inspector and the building commissioner to the Food 4 Less first thing Wednesday morning and then visited the store himself on Friday morning to confirm that the shelves had been emptied, sterilized, and restocked with rodent-free cheese. The original cheese was “destroyed,” which I hope means that it was left out in the alley for the mouse and its friends to enjoy because life is hard and mice need to celebrate sometimes, too.

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Mice will eat cheese if it’s what they’ve got on hand, but it’s not their favorite, as anyone who’s ever had mice in the house knows. You put peanut butter on the trap if you want a deadmau5 in your life.

Side note, I once had a cat who was a champion mouser when we let him out at night (he was a stray my aunt took in and then gave to my mom when her landlord raised a stink about it.)

So when we had mice in the basement, just send the cat down, right?

Wrong. The cat fell asleep on a pile of laundry and captured exactly zero mice, two fewer than the average number left on the welcome mat on any given morning normally.

The moral of the story is cats are bastards.