Grocer adds religious border-wall statement to weekly flyer

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In the digital age, the grocery ad flyer is a bit of a throwback. You’ll most likely find them at Trader Joe’s, or in a Sunday paper advertising a small, local market. Mac’s Fresh Market is definitely part of that latter category, a small chain with locations in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Recently, in the midst of all of Mac’s weekly deals, the store’s central Louisiana customers noticed a charged message related to the current controversy over a proposed U.S. border wall: “Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders. Let that sink in.”


Personally, I find the most offensive thing about this statement is “Let that sink in,” a statement I am beyond-sick of seeing (I understand reading comprehension, okay?). But many are taking more offense at the rest of the message. Store owner Reggie McDaniel explains to KALB that the message was rooted in his strong faith: “If I used a political message and I’m very aware it’s political, to highlight Jesus Christ, then I’m guilty of it.” He has added similar personal statements to the flyer before, but this one is gaining national attention.

Facebook commenters were quick to opine either for or against McDaniel’s message, from “Ad is very disrespectful and pure hateful will no longer spend my money on any of your products!” to “Thanks Mac’s. You just got some new customers. Stand strong Patriot!” For McDaniel’s part, he is prepared to lose customers over his beliefs: “This is America, they have the privilege of shopping where they want to.” After all, it’s still a free country—at least at the moment.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.



To claim that it’s somehow so very brave to proclaim your Christian faith in the United States is just utterly laughable.

And as my daughter-of-a-pastor mother would say: Jesus would be a socialist do-gooder that all of the people who most loudly proclaim to love him would actually hate.

Atheist me is a better follower of the tenets of Christianity than this guy and any of his loudest supporters.