Delaware gardener finds love with furry vegetable thief

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Last spring, Jeff Permar decided to expand his garden, building a new plot devoted to delicious fruits and vegetable. Unfortunately, Permar was not the only one who knew they would be delicious, and one by one, the fruits of his labor began disappearing. Not willing to let crime go unpunished, he set up a secret camera to catch the perpetrator, and discovered that he had the sort of problem I wish I had: an adorable neighborhood gopher. While this would be a source of consternation to many home gardeners, Permar seems to understand that, technically, he’s on the groundhog’s land, and this is a perfectly legal activity under gopher law.

In what can only be considered a gift to all of humanity, Permar set up an Instagram account for the gopher, who now goes by the name “Chunk.” And Chunk knows how to work a camera!


I would personally like to thank Permar for sharing the gift of Chunk will all of us, because he is truly the ray of sunshine I needed to cap off this week.


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Oh, my GOD. How does he get Chunk to sit right there? And if all the pests that eat our home grown goodies actually ate all of the fruit/veg and seemed this appreciative, maybe we wouldn’t mind so much.

Nope, I still would mind. But the birds who bite the tomatoes and leave the rest on the vine make me nuts.