Google’s most-searched recipes of 2017 show a frantic nation looking for comfort food

Our corn casserole never looks like this. (Photo: Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Our corn casserole never looks like this. (Photo: Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Google released its Top 10 list of most-searched items in 2017 this week, and frankly, the overall list was a bit underwhelming, as people demanded more information about Hurricane Irma, Matt Lauer, and fidget spinners. Getting more granular, though, when we dive into the most-searched recipes in the U.S., the results are somewhat more surprising.

In a tumultuous year, the nation searched frantically for heavy comfort food, with beef stroganoff topping the list, followed by apple crisp. Number three is a bit of a head-scratcher: Corn casserole is jumping on that starchy beige-food bandwagon to make a comeback. Brining turkey probably made its inroads into becoming the number four most-searched term during Thanksgiving week, followed by the first straight-up vegetable on the list (we’re not counting you, corn): zucchini at number five.

Six and seven are made up of the dinner staples chicken parmesan and pork chops, but number eight is a search we on The Takeout staff have conducted about a million times: How to hard-boil an egg. The Thanksgiving sweep likely ushered in yams at number nine. Rounding off the list is an item that may kick french-toast casserole off of our Christmas breakfast table this year: Hash-brown casserole at number 10.


The difficulty of remembering how to boil a goddamn egg led to a safe space of sorts for our staff, where we all opened up about other food-related Google searches we likely performed more than once over the course of this year:

And, the perennial favorite: “How many cups in one quart,” which our colleague Kevin Pang now informs us is four. There are two cups in a pint. We’re hoping this will finally sink in so that with any luck, we don’t have to look this up again in 2018.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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What’s the last comfort food you made?

Me, on Sunday I had a craving for sugar cookies. Fuck health consciousness, these were made with a ton of sugar and two full sticks of butter. I probably took a few days off my life expectancy, but they were worth it.