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Good Burger’s Burger Mobile will ride again

This is not the Burger Mobile, but damn, a lot of burger-car action happened in this movie.
This is not the Burger Mobile, but damn, a lot of burger-car action happened in this movie.
Screenshot: YouTube Movies (YouTube)

This ’90s kid just got so excited she spilled her SqueezIt. The Burger Mobile from 1997’s Good Burger has risen from the ashes. Er, rust heap.


St. Louis news station KMOV brings us joyous news that the owners of burger joint Hi-Pointe Drive-In have purchased the neglected AMC 1975 and plan to restore it to its original glory. The hybrid car-sandwich was reportedly rusting in an undisclosed location in or near Daytona Beach, Florida, and Hi-Pointe’s owners were able to scoop it up for just $6,000. As Jalopnik previously reported, the Florida owner bought it off someone who’d won it in a contest after the movie release… and then apparently never moved it. After being towed to St. Louis, the car now requires about $20,000 worth of repairs.


This is totally worth it, if you had any doubts.

Consider the marketing opportunities! The owners tease the idea of letting guests sit in the vehicle and take selfies, as well as potentially driving the Burger Mobile around St. Louis for events. To that, I’d add: Can we get Kenan Thompson in on this?

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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I remember the Burgermobile was the grand prize in a contest on Talk Soup, of all places. They repeatedly made it very clear that the winner would be receiving an absolutely terrible car, but it was equipped with LoJack (which doesn’t appear to have been needed.)

Man, remember classic Talk Soup?

Remember...the 90's?