Don’t ditch your vegetables for the new veggie-flavored Goldfish Crackers

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Those keeping up with the Goldfish Cinematic Universe may be aware of the laundry list of depraved Goldfish flavors: Epic Crunch Ranch, Flavor Blasted Burstin’ BBQ and Chocolate Mint + Pretzel Mix. But two new additions to the Campbell’s-owned snack will soon hit grocery store shelves: sweet carrot and cheesy tomato. The new new veggie-based line will be available in select grocery stores on January 1, 2020.


According to Kaylee Gill, a research chef at Campbell’s, the new flavors aren’t meant to replace vegetables—though I just got chills at the thought of Campbell’s suggesting that. Rather, they’re providing a healthier snack option. The carrot flavor is made from carrot juice concentrate and carrot puree, while tomato is made from tomato paste powder. So, seriously, don’t ditch your actual vegetables for these crackers.

Now, you don’t need to be a total Goldfishhead to know one of the brand’s best-established flavors: Pizza. Ah, yes, Pizza. The snack made out of cheese and tomato sauce, with negligible vegetative value. Something all kids love—or, if they don’t actually love, love to perform a rabid obsession with. Cheese and tomato, no better combo. I’d even call pizza a sort of a “Cheesy Tomato” flavor... Hey, wait a second.


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The goal is to make it taste like not carrots while enjoying carrots’ fiber and other micronutrient contents. This does not seem like a job for tiny, heavily-salted cheese crackers.