Golden Krust and Beyond Meat are having a baby

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Today I learned that none of my Chicago-based coworkers have ever had the good fortune to experience Golden Krust, which, in my book, is nothing short of a tragedy. For those of us who are blessed enough to know what’s good about the primarily east coast (and Canada!) Jamaican food chain, things are about to get better: the company announced that it has teamed up with Beyond Meat for a new plant-based patty, giving vegetarians another option besides spinach and vegetable. For those folks that grew up eating New York City public school lunch before giving up meat in adulthood, this is a very big deal, as it’s impossible to erase the taste of a savory, spicy Jamaican beef patty from the human brain. It will always call to you, no matter what lifestyle you currently lead.

Illustration for article titled Golden Krust and Beyond Meat are having a baby
Image: Golden Krust

The product is currently being tested at select stores in Boston, Toronto, Hartford, and New York City; if successful, Golden Krust plans to roll it out to all 125 of its franchised locations. There’s no word if this product will be crossing over to the chain’s grocery division, which distributes boxes of their signature frozen beef patties to over 25,000 stores across the country. If you don’t live near a Golden Krust restaurant and you have no issues eating meat, I highly suggest you seek out those beef patties in your supermarket’s frozen section. Jamaican beef patties are one of the best midnight snacks you can keep in your freezer. Better than Hot Pockets.

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Lord of the Ducks

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Authentic ones use beef suet for the pastry, but you can use shortening, lard, or butter.