Go nuts with a breakfast extravaganza

On this edition of What’s In The House?, The Takeout’s esteemed quarantine cooking program, Stephanie’s back from a three-day holiday weekend, which really just means three more days spent cooking in her aunt and uncle’s house. But it’s given her time to further hone her kitchen prowess, learning to make even more from even less. How about something everybody loves, like breakfast? She’s got the ingredients for that. Now, let’s raise the stakes: make it a breakfast extravaganza.

The biggest challenge with a breakfast extravaganza is just making sure you’ve got your eye on all three components of your meal at once. But as long as you time it right, then you ought to be just fine, with everything hitting the table hot and ready to dive into. And once you find your rhythm, you’ll probably even have time to indulge in a karaoke dance party with your red bell pepper microphone. This is your extravaganza—make it a party of one.


Darth Credence

Well, you got me here. I’m trying to read other articles, and my eye keeps being caught by the videos playing on the side. It was the look that, with no context, seemed like panic while frying the eggs that made me decide I had to see the video.

Glad I came - this was good stuff.