Glenlivet introduces alcoholic Tide Pods and we're all thinking the same thing

Image: Yana Tkachenko (iStock) long is it going to be before someone sticks one of these things up their butt? Because we all know this isn’t really a case of “if” as much as it is a “when.”


Glenlivet obviously thought this molecular gastronomy-influenced offering would come off as classy and refined. They forgot the maturity level of the internet. Immediately after the announcement of their futuristic whiskey capsules, #TidePods started trending. Seriously, Glenlivet, last year Tide needed to have a serious discussion with the people of the internet to explain how eating detergent is bad. Did you honestly expect better from us?

The #ScotchPods will only be available for a limited time at a ridiculously pretentious bar in London, if its website is any indication. If you manage to make it over there and take a picture of yourself sticking a Glenlivet suppository up your bum, send us a photo and we’ll send you a free t-shirt!

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