Brewery diners skipped the tip and left a nasty note—so this town raised nearly $2,000 for the server

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Please, for the love of God: if you choose to dine at a restaurant right now, the very least you can do is tip your server well. Unfortunately, a group of patrons at Glenbrook Brewery in Morristown, New Jersey, ignored their hard-working server, opting to skip the tip and instead leave a note criticizing the brewery’s COVID-19 policies. But soon after, the server racked up nearly $2,000 in donations from benevolent community members who wanted to support her after the nasty encounter. So there.


The state of New Jersey allows for 50% seating capacity in restaurants. Glenbrook Brewery limits all seatings to 90 minutes or less so that they can seat as many customers as possible. On April 2, Today Food reports, the aforementioned server reportedly approached a table of four after they’d been seated for about 80 minutes to let them know that their time was almost up. While brewery representatives said the 90 minute policy is “prominently posted, including online, at the door and on signs on each table,” the party left in a huff after paying their bill and adding zero tip. “I’m sorry the server gets screwed on this,” wrote one of the diners on the $86.37 bill. “Don’t kick paying customers out after 90 mins.”

While brewery representatives say that Glenbrook didn’t intend for the incident to become public, a member of a local Facebook group posted a photo of the receipt. Facebook group members then began sending donations to the server, who’s also a nurse working to complete a doctoral program. As Today reports, the donations totaled around $1,700. While the server will take some of the money, she reportedly plans to “put the (money) back into the community” by splitting it with other servers and donating to efforts to support health care workers.

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People who say things like “I’m sorry the server gets screwed on this” are not just assholes but cowards too.

What they are really saying is that they actually know they are in the wrong but lack any courage to defend themselves publicly. So they hope that by leaving no tip, the server will confront management on their behalf and argue for a policy change.

You want to be a self important asshole and bogart a restaurant table when there’s limited seating and others waiting? Fine. Do that. But do it to the face of the people who are waiting. Explain to them how you are more important than them and that the time limit doesn’t apply to you and you’ll stay at your table as long as you want. See how that goes. No? Not comfortable with that? Well that’s when a cowardly asshole takes it out on their server.