Photo: MarianVejcik (iStock)

I make banana bread a lot. Not because I love it so much (although it does come in handy as an easy hybrid breakfast/afternoon snack). But because when I purchase bananas, thereā€™s a pretty good chance Iā€™m not going to use them all in time, and banana bread is the best use I know for the dreaded black banana.

But relief for bad banana fans like myself may be in sight: Time reports that ā€œKorean grocery store E-Mart has come up with an idea for having too many ripe bananas.ā€ It sells bananas in various stages of ripeness, so that you can eat one a day, instead of eating one the first day and making banana bread five days later.

This is great: just a simple, ingenious packaging solution. Can we extend this idea to other problematic produce? Avocados, perhapsā€”or mangoes, or tomatoesā€”maybe with individual stickers on the fruit announcing the best eat-by date? After all, we now know the perfect place on the avocado to tell whether itā€™s ripe, and ways to ripen fruit and vegetables. But my problem is when they get too ripe.

Because there are some fruits that no amount of planning seems to helpā€”why do strawberries always seem to go bad overnight? Honestly, I do try to do most of my grocery shopping in the produce section, but sometimes itā€™s difficult. Maybe I just need to do more baking.