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Game Of Thrones-themed Oreo cookies are coming

Illustration for article titled iGame Of Thrones/i-themed Oreo cookies are coming
Photo: Aleksandra Baranova (iStock), Helen Sloane (HBO)

The Oreo Twitter account (what, you don’t follow Oreo on Twitter?) delivered an ominous message this morning. It announced “Cookies are coming,” with “Oreo” spelled out in the classic Game Of Thrones font, then morphing into the hashtag #ForTheThrone.


Oreo cookies for the throne? Sure, why not. After all, Game Of Thrones’ final season debuts on HBO on April 14, so dragon hype is building to a fever pitch. Previous GOT merch has included everything from socks to tarot cards to a “dinner is coming” cutting board, so why not themed Oreos, perhaps imprinted with the Lannister house crest?


A previous candyhunting post on Instagram called the Oreo-GOT alliance a “partnership no one saw coming.” CH also predicts that the cookies will be out before that final season debuts, giving us plenty of time to speculate on the final form the GOT Oreo cookie will take. (Dragon head? Wall?)

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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This account is no longer active

I, for one, cannot wait for Frey Pie Oreos.