Busch unveils “foster a dog, get free beer” promotion

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Americans have been fostering pups left and right during the coronavirus lockdown. It makes total sense: literally all we can do right now is sit on the couch and take walks around the neighborhood, activities exponentially more inviting with a pup by our side. Apparently, Busch beer feels the same way. The St. Louis–based brewing giant wants us to adopt and/or foster dogs during the pandemic so badly, it’s offering three months’ worth of Busch to anyone who does so. This feels like a real missed opportunity on the part of Foster’s beer, but oh well.

The slight catch: You have to foster through Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARS), Busch’s partner in the promotion. Here’s how it works: 1) Adopt or foster a dog through MARS between now and April 25, the perfect date, and 2) on the MARS foster/adoption forms, there’s a dropdown that asks, “How did you hear about us?” Select Busch beer, and once you’re approved, you’ll receive your reward. You’ll be sent a prepaid debit card with $100 on it, which apparently evens out to about two beers per day for 90 days, and boom: get drunk with your dog for months!

Should you take in a living creature for the sake of free beer? Of course not. But if you’re looking for a sign from the universe that it’s time to foster a pup, consider this post just that. Please also consider this an invitation to post your dog photos in the comments, for we are very lonely.

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