Forget the baguette—in France, everybody’s eating les tacos

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French cuisine is a living thing, ever evolving and changing, just like the food of other countries. French people do not dine every night on escargot or frog legs or pot au feu. Well, maybe some French people do, but it turns out that French people are just as obsessed with tacos as we americains. Being French, of course, they can’t just chow down on Old El Paso (though, if Old El Paso’s sales are any indication, many of them do). French cuisine is an art form. And this brings us to tacos, the latest classic French dish.


The New Yorker goes in-depth. The French tacos (always with the s on the end, even when you are talking about just one) resembles the Mexican original in that everything is wrapped in a tortilla, but in execution, it is more like a quesadilla. And in its final form, “technically, the French tacos is a sandwich: a flour tortilla, slathered with condiments, piled with meat (usually halal) and other things (usually French fries), doused in cheese sauce, folded into a rectangular packet, and then toasted on a grill.”

It sounds amazing.

According to myth, French tacos first appeared in the suburbs of Lyon in the early ’90s, although they may have also have been born in Grenoble or even Algeria since it resembles an Algerian dish called mukhala’a. Many people have taken credit for inventing them, but The New Yorker assures us that the mystery will probably never be solved. Anyway, since the turn of the century, tacos stands have proliferated like coffee shops in the ’90s: some are the product of a single entrepreneur, others of corporate vision. Either way, it’s hard to go anywhere in France without being tempted, and now tacos have spread to France’s neighbors (Belgium) and former colonies (Morocco, Senegal, Vietnam). Alas, an attempt to conquer Brooklyn was short-lived, but maybe now that The New Yorker has brought it to our attention, Americans will get to eat French tacos, too. We can only hope.


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technically, the French tacos is a sandwich

Can we get a whole bunch of C-list celebrities to weigh in on this?