Florida taco shop opens in 54-square-foot space that formerly held ATM

Not Taco Baby, but taco stock art
Not Taco Baby, but taco stock art
Photo: rez-art (iStock)

I thought my kitchen was small. (It is.) But Dunedin, Florida restaurant Taco Baby is here to inspire all of us tiny-kitchen owners: It’s housed in a 54-square-foot cube that used to hold a Chase ATM. If Taco Baby can operate as a restaurant in a space that’s smaller than 8 feet by 8 feet, then surely I can make do without a microwave or dedicated pantry space.


Kurt Ferguson, co-owner of Taco Baby’s parent company Nina Hospitality, tells FOX-13 he believes it’s the smallest taqueria in Florida: “It’s 54 square feet inside, which is just enough room to fit two humans who can serve you tacos. They have to be friends, though.”


Lest you think the tacos are prepared offsite and merely served out of the stand, Ferguson says Taco Baby contains all the prep equipment: dish-washing sink, hand-washing sink, refrigerators, cooking surfaces, etc. In a video from Bay News 9, co-owner Traci Ferguson says the stand has to explain its presence to people who walk up still hoping to find the since-removed ATM.

According to online reviews and photos, Taco Baby serves an equally pint-sized menu of $3 tacos, including chicken tinga, al pastor, and jackfruit pibil. Come to think of it, al pastor tacos are a pretty space-economical food, given their vertical cooking. Smart, Taco Baby, smart.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.



Here is the stand, if you needed a visual. I know i did, because i was imaging it in an inset alcove on the side of a building not a freestanding thing like this.