Heads up, Florida, you're getting the world’s biggest White Castle

white castle sign
Photo: Robert Alexander (Getty Images)

White Castle, home of the diminutive oniony steam-grilled sliders, is making a return to Florida this coming spring after it left the state after a brief run more than 50 years ago.


The Orlando Sentinel reports that this White Castle is landing near Disney World in Orlando, and will be the largest free-standing White Castle in the United States when it’s fully constructed. It’ll stand at a whopping 4,567-square-feet, with two drive-through lanes and will create 120 new jobs.

This news is surely exciting for the Facebook group, Bring White Castle to Florida, which has more than 10,000 followers. White Castle’s most recent foray to a new state was in October of last year, when it opened a location in Arizona. That ended up being quite the debacle, when on opening day, people waited for hours to snake into the drive-through. One couple waited for 96 hours to get their fix: that’s how excited people were. That White Castle location ended up selling out by 8 p.m. on opening day and had to close to refresh inventory, and probably take a break.

White Castle originally opened in 1921, selling burgers at just five cents a pop (damn, I wish they were still that price), prompting people to buy them by the sack. It was the first fast food hamburger chain in the world. By 1961, by the company’s own count, it had hit the milestone of one billion burgers sold. I personally know a member of the White Castle Hall of Fame, and he wears that title proudly. I mean, being part of a royal burger family does sound like it has its perks.

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That White Castle location ended up selling out by 8 p.m. on opening day

Someone at White Castle doesn’t know their audience. That opened only a few miles from the first Krispy Kreme and In N Out. And both of those had the exact same issues. Except I don’t recall In N Out running out of food, despite lines that wrapped the strip malls lot.

AZ is a melting pot of people from other regions. And when their favorite food joint from back home comes to town they go batshit crazy in order to satisfy that craving. And people who’ve never had it see the lines, think it must be good, and join in.

I don’t doubt that if Friendly’s or Bob’s Big Boy opened up in Phoenix Metro you would find it hard to get a seat in the first several weeks without a looong wait.