Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

If you take your kids to Chuck E. Cheeseā€™s, you expect two things: pizza, and a mouse. But pizza and mice are not part of the equation, a St. Petersburg, Florida location of Chuck E. Cheeseā€™s recently learned.

An ABC Action News report states the Chuck E. Cheeseā€™s location was closed for one day, July 27, after health inspectors found more than 130 rodent droppings in the kitchen near the pizza oven, deli table, freezer, and hand-washing station. They also found evidence of rodent activity in the front counter area and toy-storage closet.

According to a press release from CEC Entertainment, a.k.a. Chuck E. Cheeseā€™s corporate, the company says the rodent issues were a result of ā€œmaintenance issues at an adjacent restaurantā€ and that the St. Petersburg Chuck E. Cheeseā€™s took ā€œaggressive measures to bring the location into full compliance.ā€ The location was reinspected and allowed to reopen the next morning.