Fixes for wobbly tables are just an arm's length away

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When I worked in a restaurant—one housed in a “charming” old building whose air-conditioning sucked and whose floors were pitched like a cobblestone street—we kept a jar of these anti-wobble wedges at the servers’ station. Useful, yes, but not everyone keeps an industrial-sized container of these around.


Fortunately I also knew plenty of table-leveling hacks that required only objects most kitchens and restaurants already have on hand: Sugar packets and matchbooks were usually my go-to before our restaurant classed it up and bought the plastic wobble wedges.

But recently I learned—via a friend’s Facebook post, what else?—that a split wine cork is an even more durable solution than my Sweet’N-Low trick. If you’re at a restaurant with a wobbly table and want to fix it yourself, you can break off a piece of your wine cork and slide it under the table leg. This, of course, requires that you order wine. But even more ingeniously, if your home table wobbles a bit, you can slice off a piece of synthetic wine cork (it’s less likely to crumble and disintegrate than real cork) and use hot glue or super glue to afix it to the bottom of the wobbly leg.

I feel like there are other even more ingenious anti-wobble hacks out there. Commenters, help me out.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


Spice Spice Gravy

I look a wobbly table as a sign a restaurant is not detail-oriented.

It’s the stage. If you can’t make sure the stage is ready, then what else is off kilter?