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I’ve been the parent of two picky eaters for over a decade, and can tell you with authority that there are only three meals that are guaranteed kid-pleasers at any given restaurant: chicken fingers with French fries, because a love of fried chicken is coded into human DNA; seven pounds of bread, because bread is an excuse to eat an entire tray of butter packets; and charcuterie platters, because it’s a big plate of foods that are not touching each other. In fact, a cheese and charcuterie board is pretty much the perfect meal for kids, with its dried fruits and fancy crackers and positively adorable teeny-tiny pickles.


Because of this, Fisher-Price’s new “Snacks for Two” play set—a scrumptious-looking spread of salami, Brie, and très délicieux accoutrements—should be the hottest toy of the season. But maybe adults just don’t understand what the cool kids are into nowadays.


Take a note, cool aunts and fun uncles, no matter how much some folks on Twitter might hate this sort of thing, this could be just the gift to show the preschooler in your life that you are still “hip” and “with it.”

Allison Robicelli is The Takeout staff writer, a former professional chef, author of three books, and The People's Hot Pocket Princess. Questions about recipes/need cooking advice? Tweet @Robicellis.

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