First East Coast Voodoo Doughnut will be Hogwarts-adjacent

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While it’s not hard to find doughnuts with unusual flavor combinations (or shapes) these days, Portland, Oregon’s Voodoo Doughnut retains a cult following. What began as one small shop in what Voodoo calls “the ‘crotch’ of Portland” is now a chain with locations in Colorado, Texas, California, and elsewhere. They’ve earned famous fans; they host weddings; it’s a whole thing. Now founders Tres Shannon and Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson are gearing up to open their seventh location, the first based on the East Coast—and it’s at Universal Studios Florida.


As reported by Travel and Leisure, Voodoo’s newest shop can be found on the Universal CityWalk in Orlando, where it will lean super hard into the “unusual tourist attraction” aspect of its brand. While the shop isn’t yet properly open—that will come later this spring—half-hour lines have formed outside the store for its “preview” phase, and they’re already attracted at least one customer who may have telekinetic superpowers.

As befitting a doughnut shop that’s theme park-adjacent, the new location looks to be pretty damn fancy. As Shannon described it to Delish, “It’s going to be a doughnut palace.” The multi-story building, Delish reports, features “a 12-foot-tall replica of its classic Voodoo Doll donut, along with a treat carousel that gives you a firsthand look at some of the store’s 50—as in 5-0—flavors on the menu.” And yes, you can get married there, if you’ve been secretly dreaming of a wedding that’s baked-goods centric followed by a reception in which everyone drinks Butterbeer while waiting in a really long-ass line to get into Hogwarts.

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Should be interesting when vacation dad coyly asks vacation mom if she wants to taste his cock-n-balls.

Cock-n-balls shaped raised yeast doughnut, triple filled with Bavarian cream and topped with chocolate frosting.