Last Call: What’s your favorite poem about food that isn’t the plums one?

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Over the past few years, Twitter users have been eager to show they paid attention in sophomore year English class by using William Carlos Williams’ poem, This Is Just To Say, as a meme. I hope the headline above this story doesn’t imply I’m disparaging that poem, because it’s wonderful, small, and sweet, like plums themselves.

But surely there are other great food poems out there. I love poetry, so much so that I attended a weeks-long poetry camp at Duke University during a high school summer. (Yes, I had friends, why do you ask?) As a lover of poetry, I want to hear your favorite food poems that I might not know about.

I’ll start with my contribution: Beans, by the inimitable Mary Oliver. Yours?

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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Implied Kappa

My office had a catered lunch and there were like 5 quesadillas left over that I took home. My roommate works/sleeps opposite hours because of his job, so we often communicate with a whiteboard in our kitchen. I left this for him:

We were fed by a drug rep at lunch.
In the fridge there is still quite a bunch.
There was leftover stuff,
But we’d had quite enough.
If you’re hungry, there’s plenty to munch.

There are better poems, but this one is mine.