Last Call: What are your favorite holiday TV episodes?

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There is no Christmas movie I have ever liked enough to watch dozens of times over the course of my lifetime—not even Christmas in Connecticut which is, indisputably, the best one. But watching Meredith’s hair ablaze at The Office’s Moroccan Christmas party? I’ve watched that episode well over a dozen times this year alone.


Television has given us so many yuletide gifts that it’s impossible for me to remember them all, and now, with nearly every show I’ve ever loved streaming in some corner of the internet, I’m doing my best to mine my memories for the greatest “very special holiday episodes” I’ve ever seen. Here’s some of what’s made it onto my Christmas queue so far:

Father Ted:A Very Christmassy Ted

This is one of the funniest episodes of one of the funniest television shows of all time, and if you haven’t seen it you must rectify that immediately. Clear your entire schedule. Watch all three seasons. Every episode is a classic, but—as you can imagine from a show about three Catholic priests—the Christmas one is truly something special.

The Simpsons:Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

Nothing’s more festive than an angry mob.

Community:Comparative Religion

I’ve actually never seen this one, but Marnie says it’s her favorite holiday episode of all time, and she’s usually right about most things.

Cheers:Christmas Cheers

Cliff Clavin should, in some way, be a part of every celebration.

Doctor Who:Last Christmas

I’m very much a Whovian, and Capaldi is my favorite Doctor (fight me). As always, I will be watching all the Who Christmas episodes this winter break, but “Last Christmas” is Capaldi’s best, and ergo, my favorite.


What recommendations do you guys have to add to my list?



I’m throwing more Community love—”Abed’s Christmas” And “Regional Holiday Music.” are hands down full ass festive.

I won’t fight Capaldi, but the best Dr Who Christmas special is Voyage of the Damned. It has robots and Kylie Minogue!

Little House on the Prairie where Laura and her sisters get completely lost in a blizzard and may die. I had that on VHS and wore the tape out re-living the holiday terror.