Another pizza topping poll confirms people hate anchovies on pizza

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YouGov, an international research data and analytics company, polled over 6,000 Americans in celebration of National Pizza day last week, asking them to mull over their favorite and least favorite pizza toppings. I’m going to give you a brief moment to reflect upon this and guess which one came out on top—because it’s on top of every pizza topping poll ever.


Pepperoni came in first, as it always does, with 64% of the people polled picking the flat discs of cured meat as one of their preferred pizza toppings. Seems like no one can get enough of the stuff. Next came my favorite, sausage, with 56% of people saying they liked it, followed closely by mushrooms at 54%. (My favorite two-topping combination is easily sausage and mushroom. Does that mean I’m basic?) The last two favorites are extra cheese (52%) and onions (48%).

When it comes to least favorites, yeah, yeah, it’s anchovies. 61% of the people polled dislike anchovies on pizza (guys, they’re not that bad), followed by eggplant at 52%, artichokes at 44%, broccoli at 39%, and pineapple at the 35% mark. We need to step back from this conversation for a minute, because, where are you living that eggplant and broccoli are even an option to add on a pizza? (I’ve successfully used eggplant and broccoli on pizza before—on separate occasions, by the way. You just have to go about it at the right angle.) So in this poll, at least, pineapple doesn’t get dumped on as badly as it usually does. Regardless, if I ever get polled for one of these things, just to throw the numbers off, I think I’ll write down “wood shavings” as my least favorite, so anchovies can get some peace for once.

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Doctor Gori

61% of those who say they dislike anchovies on pizza, have never tried them.