Last Call: Enjoy this patriotic collection of fireworks fail

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Fireworks Fail

Statistically speaking, at least one of you reading this will unnecessarily lose a finger in a fireworks accident on the Fourth of July. Sorry in advance!


For the rest of you, please enjoy Independence Day safely and happily; we wish you a day of good food with family and friends. Please enjoy this collection of fireworks fail, including our favorite, the infamous 2012 San Diego incident in which all the show’s fireworks exploded simultaneously in a spectacular blaze of hellfire. The Takeout will return to its regular publishing schedule on Thursday. See ya! [Kevin Pang]

Kevin Pang was the founding editor of The Takeout, and director of the documentary For Grace.



Recently we dined at a restaurant and at the conclusion of the meal, found our egress was blocked by another patron, a member of a party seated well after our table.

I asked that he make way for our exit and he replied that he suffered from MS.

A woman with him stood and instructed me to “squeeze” by the obstruction. I told her I would not ask my wife to do so and that we are politely asking to leave.

At this point the man stood, and we were able to pass.

What’s the proper etiquette in this situation? Should the other party have seated the MS victim where he would not block an aisle, should we have just waited until the way was clear or should my wife have“squeezed past,” rubbing her body against his in the process?

If the latter, please explain the reasoning behind your decision.

Thanks in advance!