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Coronavirus has felled the pumpkin bagel

Storefront of an Einstein Bros. Bagels location
Photo: Jeff Greenberg (Getty Images)

Here’s some good news for all you people who believe that pumpkin spice bagels are a shonda: Einstein Bros. Bagels will not be welcoming fall with these festive carbohydrates, because coronavirus.


“Unfortunately we will not be offering pumpkin products this year,” said an Einstein Bros. representative in a statement to CNN. “With COVID-19, it’s been difficult launching new products.”

The pumpkin spice bagel isn’t exactly “new,” but there’s not much point in Einstein Bros. putting a kink into its well-oiled production process by diverting resources into a bagel that probably didn’t need to be pumpkin-spiced in the first place. But say you’re the sort of person who spent all year looking forward to pumpkin bagel season, and now find yourself distraught—is there any hope for you? Sure there is, as long as you don’t mind keeping a jar of pumpkin butter in your glove compartment so you can mix it with cream cheese for a seasonally appropriate D.I.Y. schmear. If you can dream it, you can do it. Don’t let coronavirus stop you from living your life to the fullest.

Allison Robicelli is The Takeout staff writer, a former professional chef, author of three books, and The People's Hot Pocket Princess. Questions about recipes/need cooking advice? Tweet @Robicellis.

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Hot take: pumpkins are not food at all. They should never be eaten in any form and are only for carving and smashing.