Egg McMuffin Rat is the queen of New York

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Photo: Argument (iStock)

There’s no use reinventing the wheel when CNN has already said it best: “A video showing a hungry rodent carrying an entire Egg McMuffin down some stairs has captured the attention of the social media world this week.” Indeed, it has. Egg McMuffin Rat shall be our new god.

The video was first posted in a tweet on Friday morning, and onlookers can be heard in the background of the video remarking on the rat’s steady, harried progress down the New York City subway steps:


Not only were bystanders quietly marveling at the rat’s perseverance, but those who witnessed the feat once the video was posted to Twitter sang their own specific praises of this resourceful creature, pointing out how well the rat keeps all the fillings inside the McMuffin and suggesting that McMuffin Rat star in Ratatouille 2. “I love rats so much,” one Twitter user says simply. The tweet has been met with no dissent.

Of course, McMuffin Rat leaves the mind teeming with more questions. How much farther than this stairwell did the rat carry its cargo? Sausage or ham? How long did it take to reduce this breakfast sandwich to crumbs along the subway tracks? And did the rat encounter this sandwich already fully unwrapped? We’ll never know the answers to any of this, but it’s beautiful to think about all the food we’ve clumsily dropped becoming a prized lunch for an underground city of rodents, and viral fodder for the masses.