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Durian is synonymous with its stink. The Southeast Asian fruit does have a pleasant flavor, but people unaccustomed to it are unlikely to get past its odor successfully enough to take a bite. So pungent is its fragrance, in fact, that a durian fruit forced the evacuation of Australia’s University Of Canbera library last week.


The library posted a Facebook update Thursday letting people know it was safe to reenter the library, which had been cleared of more than 500 people in under six minutes. Before the fruit was discovered, Australian HAZMAT crews responded to the library, conducting a search of the building and atmospheric testing to ensure its safety. What was initially suspected to be a gas leak turned out to be a durian fruit, which was subsequently removed. So was someone having a snack in the library, or was this a strange prank? Oddly enough, this exact scenario—durian thought to be a gas leak forces evacuation of Australian university—also happened last April in Melbourne.

In related news, passengers on a flight to Seattle this weekend reportedly had to be deplaned and HAZMAT crews summoned after a containing a package of durian fruit opened onboard.

Kate Bernot is managing editor at The Takeout and a certified beer judge.

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