Dunkin’ employee fired for writing insulting note on customer’s cup

Photo: Tim Boyle (Getty Images)

A Dunkin’ Donuts employee in Cincinnati was recently fired after penning a disparaging note to a reportedly homeless customer on a plastic cup. According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, the employee wrote: “Stop ‘hangin’ out in-front of the store. If you have a full time job!—mgmt.” The employee wasn’t management, though, and was subsequently fired after the cup’s message got picked up on Facebook and Instagram.


Mike Benhase, the owner of that location and several other Dunkin’ franchises in the area, told the Enquirer, “It goes against everything we stand for. We’re just a small family business and we preach to our employees long and hard about the values of respect and dignity.”

Sadly, Benhase also said that “the woman who received the cup and frequented the location has not been back. ‘I feel bad for that person… I would very much like the chance to reach out to the person and apologize for what happened.’” He also confirmed that the person who wrote that insulting message in the first place has been fired.

Last month, a Dunkin’ Donuts in Baltimore was called out for offering free food to any customer who reported on staff “shouting in a language other than English.”

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