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Don't waste your click: In-N-Out's new menu item is hot chocolate

Photo: Kevin Pang
Photo: Kevin Pang

The headlines are alluring: “In-N-Out Burger Adds First New Menu Item in 15 Years,” QSR teased this morning. Damn right I clicked it, hoping to find a new burger, some crazy-ass fry topping, or I don’t know, at least a tasty milkshake.


But no, I squandered those .04 seconds of my life. The new menu item is fucking hot chocolate. Ugh. I am too emotionally fragile for this type of disappointment.

So as a public service and to save you all from a similar fate, I just told you the hot chocolate bit right up there in the headline. Wait, you’re still reading this? All the way down here? After I told you what the thing is already?



Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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So I guess you don’t consider clickbait journalism a new side of the timeless art of seduction, then.

Also, who needs hot chocolate in the warm places where they sell In-N-Out?