Domino’s manager apologizes to woman for racial slur with $50 gift card

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On Monday, a black woman named Myasia Nelson had a terrible experience at a Burlington, North Carolina location of Domino’s. She received her pizza, and when she checked her order slip, saw a racial slur printed where her name should have been. According to the Associated Press, Nelson immediately brought it to a manager’s attention, who spoke to the white employee responsible for typing the terrible slur onto her receipt.


The employee reportedly laughed about it, and has since been fired. Good move, manager. But here’s where things go slightly awry: Domino’s district manager Junior Snyder subsequently apologizes to Nelson by offering her a $50 gift card, which Nelson declined, presumably with a silent “you can take this gift card and shove it.”

This might have been one of those situations where a person is better off just not offering any monetary item along with their apology. Even if Snyder’s intentions were good, it’s bound to look like Domino’s is trying to set a price tag on Nelson’s humiliation. (Which surely would be worth more than $50.) I think, as a Domino’s district manager, you either don’t offer any gift card and just apologize as profusely as is humanly possible, or you have to go huge, like a lifetime of free pizza or something. That still sounds kinda screwed up though, right? “Hey, sorry about treating you with a complete lack of human dignity. Please enjoy four dozen compensatory Stuffed Cheesy Breads.”

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


Breath Taker

Why do people keep writing racial slurs and other offensive remarks on receipts? What do they hope to gain from it? Do they just hate their jobs but would rather get fired than quit? Are their coworkers genuinely amused by it? I’m honestly confused by this behavior.