Domino’s ends lifetime free pizza promotion after too many people get tattoos

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It seemed like a good deal, offered by Domino’s Pizza Russia: Get a tattoo of the company logo and Domino’s would give you free pizza for life. Specifically, says Business Insider, Domino’s offered “100 years of 100 free pizzas to Russians who tattooed the company’s logo on their body and shared an image of it on social media.”


Apparently, this was too good of a deal. The promo kicked off on August 31, but Domino’s has already had to call it off, since too many people got tattoos for the company to be able to fulfill all those pizza promises. BI describes, “Russian social media flooded with images of the Domino’s logo tattooed on fans’ legs, arms, and elsewhere as people tried to join the promotion.” Instead, the free pizzas will only go to the first 350 pizza lovers tattooed. The promotion was originally supposed to last two months.

Bad enough that you would get a Domino’s Pizza tattoo. But to get that tattoo and then not get the pizza seems especially egregious. The company posted an update yesterday urging people who had tattoo appointments not to go through with them. Domino’s still isn’t off the hook, though. Munchies did the math:

If all 350 qualified participants pick up 100 pies a year for, let’s just say, 50 years (or literally half of what they’re guaranteed but all that saturated fat can’t be good for your life expectancy) Domino’s is on the hook for literally $14 million dollars in free pizza over the next half century. That can’t be good for their bottom line.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.


Not Enough Day Drinking

It was a stupid promotion, but $14 million over 50 years is something you can probably find the Dominos CEO’s couch.

They had revenues of close to $3 billion last year.