Disney Eats online shows will include Kitchen Little, featuring kids working with celebrity chefs, and Tiny Kitchen, with chefs creating small replicas of Disney food. Unsurprisingly, the brand will extend into other products like Disney-themed kitchen utensils, bakeware, and cookbooks. Disney claims that the brand “will uphold the same health standards that the company previously imposed on advertisers” (the company made sure that all food products advertised on its networks fit specific nutritional standards, starting in 2012). But judging from the above promo video, things look pretty sugary. And the dozen or so videos already posted on the Disney Eats YouTube channel are pretty pancake/cupcake heavy (but in the shape of Ursula! Or Dory!)


We think it’s great if these Disney Eats efforts help get kids more involved in cooking and creating their own food, which hopefully will get them excited about expanding their taste palettes. But just a heads-up, Disney: We don’t need any help getting our kids to eat cupcakes, even ones with mouse ears. Can you get them to eat broccoli?