Diner leaves $10,000 tip on 2 glasses of water

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A popular YouTuber effectively bucked the “everything is terrible” trend by leaving a $10,000 tip at a North Carolina hot dog place after ordering two glasses of water. The Associated Press reports that the YouTuber in question, known as “Mr. Beast,” walked into Greenville’s Sup Dogs—rated “15th best hot dog in America by Business Insider!”—on Saturday and “took a few sips of water before departing, leaving behind cash and a thank-you note for ‘the delicious water.’”


Server Alaina Custer, an East Carolina University student, asked two men filming the transaction if they knew anything about what was happening, and they advised her to watch the Mr. Beast channel (although the Sup Dogs incident hasn’t yet been posted). But Mr. Beast certainly picked the correct person to endow: Custer kept $800 and then split the rest with her coworkers. There’s so much good karma in this story we hardly know where to start.

A quick perusal of Mr. Beast’s YouTube channel shows that he has over eight million subscribers who undoubtedly thrill to his exploits, including trying to fly using leafblowers and sitting for 24 hours in slime. Previous philanthropic efforts involved giving his 3,000,000th subscriber 3,000,000 pennies. This is better.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.


Great House Dagoth

I hate to be that guy (nope, that’s a lie), but this is dumb. Random charity like this is just pitying. We have no idea how many of these workers really need $800. Surely he could have donated that much to a local charity that helps people who need it. But he gave it away like an asshole in his town square of 8 million subscribers.